Spider Proofing

We provide professional Spider Proofing services in Christchurch and North Canterbury using effective non-toxic methods.

Have you noticed that spiders seem to have a “peak season” where they’ll set up base in your home around a certain time of year and then invite all their friends?This tends to be around the cooler months where they start looking for warmer environments (why wouldn’t they) and homes provide the perfect environment for them to set up camp, particularly in roof cavities.

That’s all fine as they have a job to do in keeping other bugs at bay and only really presents a problem when they start branching out into open areas of the house.

As you’re probably aware, spiders are prolific breeders producing offspring in pretty big numbers. We’ve seen some pretty hairy (pardon the pun) situations where a nest has been disturbed and there’s literally thousands of the offspring scattering in any given direction.

That’s when it’s time to hold your hand up and say “Sorry guys, party’s over” and get in the experts to keep them at bay. We’ll get rid of the ones that are in your property as well as preventing new ones getting in by securing the perimeter.

Why Choose Us?


We’ve seen it all, and hundreds of families across Christchurch have entrusted us to solve their insect problem.


Bugs Are Us are proud of our use of non-toxic products and we promise to have your home clean, leaving no mess behind.


As pest management specialists we are committed to complete customer satisfaction with references available for peace of mind.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with public liability cover

What areas do you cover?

We cover across Christchurch and North Canterbury and surrounding suburbs. For other areas please contact us 

What pests do you treat?

We specialise in ant, fly and spider treatments but ask us about other pests and we’ll point you in the right direction

How long before we need a repeat treatment?

This will depend on a few variable factors but happy to discuss management plans for all situations.    


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