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Christchurch Pest Control – Spider, Fly & Ant Proofing

Being in the pest control business as long as we have you get to see a bug or two.

We are Christchurch Pest Control (Spider, Fly & Ant Proofing) professionals covering all areas of Christchurch and North Canterbury. Why don’t you call us now on 0273 204 079 to chat to one of our specialists?

We’ve worked in homes and businesses all across Christchurch and Canterbury making sure that their resident pests are well and truly in control.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and take a hands-on approach to ensure customer satisfaction on every job. Just ask our many happy clients, and they’ll tell you how we love sharing our tips and tricks for remaining bug free.

The chemicals we use are effective but non-toxic, protecting you and family.

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Pest Control Services

Spider Proofing

Spider Control in and around your home, keeping your family safe



Ask us about effective fly control measures to suit all homes.

Ant Proofing

Know how to get rid of your ant problem? We do. Call us for a quote

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